Ten Tips and Tricks to Add Some Style to Your Uniform

Ella A., Staff Writer

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Everyday we come into school wearing the same old uniform. You may be thinking “Ugh why do we have to wear this? ” Instead of sitting around pouting about what we can’t wear, why not think about what we can wear? Here are 10 tips and tricks to add a little flair to your outerwear:

Tip #1: Wear some crazy socks! If you have a favorite pair of socks, wear them into school. There are no rules about what socks to wear. Just make sure they’re appropriate for school.

Tip #2: Jewelry! Style yourself with a cool pair of earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet. Although this mainly applies to girls, boys can get creative by wearing a necklace or bracelet that suits them. Again, just make sure they’re school appropriate.

Tip #3: This is a two in one purpose! Wear an interesting watch to show off to your friends at school. It’ll also help you check the time if you’re in an area on the Campus without the IS bell. What a deal!

Tip #4: If you’re feeling a little more on the formal side, wear a tie or bowtie of your choice! As long as it’s school appropriate you should be fine.

Tip #5: Style your hair for an new look! For girls, try a braid, a ponytail, or even a simple curl or straighten. For boys, try a new haircut or part your hair differently.

Tip #6: Add a hair accessory to give your hair a creative new look! Some ideas include a headband, a ribbon, a sports headband, or a hairclip.

Tip #7: Give your nails a stylish color! This one is mainly for girls, but if you’re a boy, feel free to try; no one should stop you.

Tip #8: Shop on the online store for the latest fleeces and sweaters! If you’re planning to wear one to school, be sure it follows these restrictions:

  • The color is solid navy blue, grey, or forest green,
  • It is a crew neck, v-neck, pullover, or cardigan
  • There is no decorative trim and has a Potomac logo only
  • They must be half-zip or full-zip

Tip #9: If you’re planning on wearing pants, put on a belt of your choice! There are no rules about belts in the IS, just as long as it’s school appropriate.

Tip #10: Thread a colorful shoelace through your school shoes! This adds a little “umph!” to your shoes, seen as they have to be tan, black, or brown.

Do you agree with this list? Are there any other ideas you have to make yourself more stylish in the IS? Please let us know!