I.S. Track and Field: Supportive and Working Together

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I.S. Track and Field: Supportive and Working Together

Charlotte E.

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May 21, 2016 – Track and field is a big favorite in our Intermediate School community, with 40 students participating this year. There are many track and field events, such as sprints, hurdles, discus, and shot put.


Photo credit: Mr. Laskowski

Azzi F. (7) states, “I enjoy track because I did it when I was younger and I like to run. Also, you gotta get in shape!” Azzi’s favorite race is the 200 meter. In the first track meet, she won the 100 meter. Azzi told us about the track community: “The coaches are really supportive, and the community helps me perform my best.”

“I like track because running is a good way to just let off steam,” remarks Sebastian H. (8). “My favorite event is the mile because running long distances allows you to think about your pace and your form compared to when you are sprinting.” In the first meet, Sebastian ran a 5:57 mile. “Everyone is really supportive of each other,” he adds. “During races, we always cheer all of our racers on. Overall, it is really fun being on the track team, and it is a really great experience.”

I.S. math teacher Mr. Laskowski is one of the track coaches. He spoke about the team’s strengths and weaknesses: “I would say that we have got potential to break school records in all facets in track, from sprints to distance to field events. Not one area. But I would say we need to work on almost all of the events. We are still finding out who is going to be some of our fastest runners and field events participants.” The team’s biggest competition? “I would say, depending on events, St. Albans is good at distance, Georgetown Day has great sprinters, but you can never forget Flint Hill is our rival and we look for every opportunity to beat them.” Lastly, Mr. Laskowski shared about the track community: “The internal drive of track is evident in the kids who are out… They show great compassion and excitement watching their fellow athletes compete.”

Overall, the whole track community seems well built and strong. They work together to help each other grow.