I.S. Lacrosse: Working Hard and Having Fun

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I.S. Lacrosse: Working Hard and Having Fun

Sarah R.

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May 21, 2016 –

As lacrosse continues to be one of the country’s fastest growing sports, Potomac students are getting on board. This year, the I.S. has three different teams: two for girls and one for boys.

Girls’ lacrosse has both an A team and a B team. The A team is coached by Coach Jasmine and Coach Mays and is made up of about 18 players, all of whom have played the sport before. According to Sofie S. (8), a typical day at practice involves a warm-up lap, passing with a partner, shuttles, dynamic warm-ups, other fitness fun, and most importantly drills. To Sofie, what characterizes the A team is “games, new plays, and lots of fun!”

The B team is coached by Coach Gaw and Coach Hartman, and unlike the A team is mostly made up of new players. A typical day for the team includes stretching and running through drills. According to Marie A. (8), this is “challenging but fun,” and the team is putting in a lot of hard work to improve. Caroline O. (8) illustrates this: “An example of hard work is our goalie, Lucy. She wasn’t used to being in the goal and has worked so hard this year to get better and help the team.” And according to Maria, “Even when we were losing against a really good team, we never gave up and played with our all.”

Despite all of the hard work, the team still has time to have fun. “We’re all really great friends and we all have fun playing, even if we’re losing,” claims Maria. Some of their most memorable moments this season have come during times when the team is “riding on the bus to every game, someone [is] blasting music, and feeling overall pumped for the game.” Caroline has also enjoyed the season, with her most memorable moment being their first goal as a team.

Because boys’ lacrosse does not have enough people for two teams, everybody plays on a team together. The team is coached by Coach Oberdorfer, Coach Henry, and Coach Rendell. According to Luke N. (7), “Most of the kids have played lacrosse before, but five or six kids haven’t.” Practices begin with passing and skill work, and then the boys play in a scrimmage.

This team has also been working very hard to improve. According to Deven P. (8), “The kids who haven’t touched a stick before in their lives have been working really hard to get up to par for their age group. Nobody’s quit and no one has given up.” But many boys’ games get more physical than the girls’ games do. “In boys, [players] can body check, and the boys’ games are really intense,” reports Luke. “They can also slash you really hard, which is hitting you with a lacrosse stick.” Still, everybody seems to be having fun.

All three lacrosse teams have been putting in lots of hard work to improve and have shown a true dedication to the sport. Let’s wish them good luck for the rest of the season and hope that all of their hard work pays off!