Music Review: BTS

Alejandra M.

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KPOP, an abbreviation for Korean Pop, is a musical genre originating in South Korea. BTS (방탄소년단), a seven-member South Korean boy group, created a new album named WINGS. BTS’ members are Jeon Jungkook, Park Jimin, Suga, Rap Monster, J-Hope, and Jin. There are four vocalists and three rappers in BTS.
Their new album consists of 15 songs. The songs on this album are, Intro: Boy Meets Evil, Blood, Sweat & Tears (피 땀 눈물), Begin, Lie, Stigma, First Love, Reflection, MAMA, Awake, Lost, BTS Cypher Pt. 4, Am I Wrong, 21st Century Girls, 2! 3!, and Interlude: Wings. The album has a unique twist that separates itself from the previous albums created by BTS. Seven songs in the album are solo songs created by each of the members. Each solo song has a deep meaning behind it. Jungkook’s solo is Begin, which is dedicated to his hyungs (a term used by a man to refer to older men). His hyungs are the rest of the members of BTS. Lie is a solo song by Jimin. Although it is unclear, according to many theories, the song is most likely about him being ‘caught in a lie’ and wanting to be his old happy self again. Taehyung’s solo song is Stigma, and although there are two theories about the song, one stands out the most. This song is most likely about his conflicts about not being able to be with his family or protect his little brothers through their youth and growth because of work. In addition, he expresses that he is worried for his little brothers who are always looking up to an “absent brother”. First Love is by Suga, and in the first lines of the song, ‘piano’ is mentioned numerous times. This is because the piano is Suga’s ‘first love’. Suga always has had a deep passion for music. He can express himself through rapping, but mostly through the piano. The piano has helped him many times through his hardships. Next is Reflection is by Namjoon, and it is about how he’s not sure about himself. He feels as if he doesn’t know who he is anymore and feels insecure about himself. MAMA is by J-Hope, and it is a song dedicated to his mother. The song is meant to thank her for everything she’s done to support him since she was always by his side and supporting him while his father didn’t approve of his love for music. Lastly, Jin’s solo song is Awake. The song is mainly about how he feels like he’ll never be as good as the rest of BTS. Each song from the album has a unique lesson and/or story to it. Although you may think KPOP might not be your cup of tea, give BTS a try.

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Music Review: BTS