Winter Sports in Review

Noah A.

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When winter weather came around, so did the time for winter sports. During the winter sports season, it is a competitive time for Potomac athletes to compete and contend for their given sport.


Although squash did not have as many matches as some of the other sports, players on the team gave it their all in practices to be prepared for the future and occasional games. “This program is a good transition into Upper School squash. We are ready for the more competitive spirit of next year,” Ryan S. states. Aalia H. adds, “I’ve been playing squash for a few years now, and coach Leong has been very helpful in giving me advice on how to play my game not only physically – but mentally too.” The captain of the squash team, Eric L. had a few words to say as to why he puts in the extra hours, “Squash is a prime example of an opportunity to express your leadership and athleticism in the same sport. You can also showcase your work ethic to the varsity squash coach Elroy Leong.” The team’s overall chemistry and family like attitude makes it a great fit for new players to the game, Natalie M. being one of them, “I’m new to squash, but my friends and coach are really supportive and I’ve learned so much!” With a majority of the team putting in extra hours after school, and devoting a chunk of their time on the weekends for tournaments and such, we have a very promising squash team ahead of us.


It’s been a good season for Potomac basketball, the boys team was 6-5 which can be a little misleading given the fact that two of those losses were within 3 points. Their biggest win was a 53-42 away game against St. Andrew Episcopal; while their biggest loss was 22-49. This score is also a little misleading given that it was their first game of the season, but they obviously took some notes and rebounded with three consecutive wins. When asked about this, Kevin C. stated that, “Our team is a perfect showcase of teamwork and organization. Utilizing big men and shooters alike exemplifies our ability to fill our own roles in order to become part of a whole. As coach Franklin would say, ‘Trust the formula.” As for the girls, they are unfortunately without a win in six games. Erika P. stated that, “We’ve been working really hard during practices, and we try to translate that to the games. We give every game our best effort to try to win.” Charlotte W. added on to this, “You win some and you lose some. We’re trying hard and putting lots of effort into this season though, and we definitely hope to end the season strong.” Even if this season was not the season for them, there is always next year, and they can guarantee that the I.S. is behind them.

The ‘B’ team, however, has had an excellent season, winning 6 of their last 7 games, these nine girls played with the gusto and perseverance needed to win games.


Wrestling had arguably been this year’s strongest winter sport. With the team winning 7/9 games and their two losses being very close. Clearly, the wrestling team had a great season.  Especially when you factor in that close to half of the team is relatively new to the sport with their only experience coming from P.E. in middle school and years past. Alec E. was on fire in his first season, being undefeated with the season coming close to an end, and in this streak, he has faced 5 people in the grade above him.  When asking Tommy L. what his take was on this season he said, “We work really hard, and it feels good to see how it pays off. I know I’ve created a bond between some of the others kids on the team, who I wouldn’t even know about without this.”
Weights and Conditioning

Weights and Conditioning is a great opportunity for people who want to take a break from competitive sports but still want a good workout. Coaches Adamac, Barnes, and Brock are great resources to help learn how to properly workout in a way that is beneficial while also being healthy. A typical day consists of a quick 2 laps and stretch/warmup  followed by a mix of bodyweight exercises (pushups, situps, crunches, etc,) and lifting weights. There is also the occasional run which can range from 100 yard suicides to a mile or 5K run. On game days, you have the choice to leave at 2:45 (when the majority of games start) to support the basketball, wrestling or squash teams. All in all, weights is a great opportunity to not physically squander your winter and at the same time not pushing yourself too hard.
Whether it be on the basketball or squash court, a wrestling mat, or even the rough floors of weights and conditioning, the classes of 2022 and 2021 were ones to watch out for in the winter season.